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I am migrenaa!

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Building Solutions for real-world problems

with decentralized technology

About me

I'm a web3 builder and enthusiast with a strong belief in decentralization. I'm genuinely excited about bridging the web3 space to the real-world communities to unlock their full potential collaboratively. I believe in the power of math-powered tech solutions and am excited about exploring circular alternative economies to reshape our future.

Main Interests

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Unleashing DAO potential and real-world governance models

Collective Economy

Unveiling the potential of collective economies, one circle at a time.

Decentralized Tech

For building the infrastructure of a self-adjusting and fair future.


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Compensation Model

RnDAO Fellow

Researching transparent and fair Compensation Models for early-stage teams in the RnDAO’s fellowship program.

I’m spending 3 months researching, designing and writing about Compensation Models. Exploring how transparency and p2p assessment can reshape the way we distrubte profit and rewards in teams.

Follow my research on mirror.

Mycelium Hub

Core Team

A network of self-determined individuals crafting decentralized patterns for meaningful, productive relationships.

As a partner of Mycelium, I shoulder the responsibility of developing the potential organizational structure of the community, taking it to the next level by forming a DAO. My experience with Mycelium has provided me with valuable insights into the principles of personal accountability and effective organization.

Immersive experience emphasizing autonomy, resilience, collaboration, leadership, governance, and productivity.

As a co-host of Mycelium Emergence, I organized and led workshops on Cooperation, DAOs, and Web3. This role allowed me to develop event organizing and public speaking skills. Our event fostered a close-knit, transparent, and intimate community, resulting in its success and the birth of many projects.

Aut Labs

CTO & Co-Founder

Aut Labs is building DAO-native tools for real-world communities.

As a co-founder and CTO, I undertook a multifaceted role. I led the charge in crafting the architecture of our projects while developing the proof of concept and MVP. Additionally, I assumed the responsibility of overseeing the technical team, ensuring seamless collaboration and the successful execution of our groundbreaking initiatives.

A Community-Driven Funding Platform To Finance Impact-Driven Female Founders.

As a Technical Advisor, I've been actively involved in both the design and occasional development of Thousand Face's Passport and Funding Platform. Additionally, I played a key role in crafting the governance model for the community.

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Contracts Design

Decentralized platform that enables NFT owners to collectively participate in the financial success of the projects by sharing profits and governing the treasury.

The project is to be born during EthIstanbul. I’ve been working on the design and implementation of the Smart Contracts of the protocol, aiming to democratize the creators economy and create a community around it.

Reach out if you want to create impactful decentralized solutions together.

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